MIAA-008 My Girlfriend Who Deprived Me Of My Heart, I Went To Tokyo Early In Tokyo University Nao Jinguji


MIAA-008: Last fall of the student, Naoto of childhood friend and wishfulness come true and a relationship starts. I aimed at the same university, but I failed to take an exam. Passed Nao decided to come to Tokyo first. “I will write a letter!” It is encouraged by the letter sent regularly every season, at the same time, it seems like being dyed in the city, it makes me feel complicated. Meanwhile Nao will have a relationship with the body with the momentum of drink I drank with my senior who I met at university. Country school girls who were pursued were dyed in the cock of a city man every time the season passed … ….

Date: October 11, 2020
Pornstars: Nao Jinguji